SEO Services

SEO Services


GainAndProfit provides one of the best SEO services in India to help your business gain online visibility and increase ROI. We have been providing affordable SEO services since 2013 and assure to assist you with effective and latest SEO services strategy for maximizing your revenues. Once you have created a website, your next requirement is to appear in the first page of a search engine ranking. The collective steps required for this optimisation is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and it’s the way through which search engines find your website. Our method is to use White Hat SEO practices to organically grow your rankings, instead of Black Hat SEO for long-term results.


Our SEO Techniques include:

  •  Innovative and appealing page design
  •  Submission to selected directories and search engines
  •  Organic back links
  •  Quality content for websites
  •  Authentic HTML design and Meta tags


Our SEO Services:

  • Technical SEO

When you build a website, critical technical SEO issues like canonical link and duplicate content needs to be considered consistently, but are usually ignored while website optimisation. A Technical SEO Audit from GainAndProfit will assist you with a technical SEO checklist and uncover issues behind the scenes that are preventing your website from reaching the optimum audience in organic search.

Our efficient Technical SEO Review tool uses dependable SEO tests and tools to take a snapshot of the most critical elements that affect your website’s performance in search and includes simple graphs and percentage calculations that make it easy for you to understand the severity of any identified issues.


  • On-Page SEO

On-page search engine optimization is the process of implementing the necessary changes as recommended by an SEO audit. On-page SEO should be part of all SEO packages, as it is the foundation up on which a successful SEO campaign must be built. On-page SEO addresses a variety of fundamental elements such as page titles, headings, content and content organization, and internal link structure.

Even though on-page work does not need to be updated in many cases, it is recommended that the website and the content being published therein be audited on a regular basis to uncover potential problems which may creep up through website updates and changes.



  • Our SEO services will facilitate your business to gain enhanced visibility by magnifying your requirements.
  • Our experts do complete website analysis and use effective marketing strategies to let you gain better ranking in major search engines.
  • By assisting you with relevant content, we can help you enhance public exposure and brand recognition.
  • We provide you with detailed and analytical reports which are crucial for improving the effectiveness of your business.
  • Our SEO experts use the best search engine optimization strategy to make your marketing campaigns work over the web.
  • We assist you to get reviews and feedbacks from your customers about your products or services for understanding their expectations and for improving product strategy.
  • By using distinct SEO services such as Meta tags optimization, keyword research, and full website analysis, we try to optimize your website.


GainAndProfit is committed to rely on genuine techniques for improving your visibility on search engines for long-term. Our clients have consistently found the quality of our services trustable as well as creative. Our well planned strategies are helpful in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your products or services. We have affordable rates, innovative SEO services, and effective online marketing strategies as compared to other services provider.

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