Search engine marketing (SEM) is getting your online ads up on search engines when your prospective customers look for products or services similar to yours.

Why is it important?

That is because good SEM leads to more traffic, conversions and sales on your website. This allows you to go ahead of your customers.

It facilitates you with driving more traffic and reaching more customers by harnessing the prevalent online marketing options. SEM happens to be a great complement to most SEO programs, buzz marketing and can ultimately result in boosting your online presence by the means of optimized press releases, blogs. PPC on the other hand offers a means to supplement traffic when you are building your organic SEO rankings.

At GAIN & PROFIT, our performance-based model and advanced technologies are what makes us different from the rest. We focus on meaningful metrics like impressions or average positions which help you measure business results like number of leads, number of visitors, revenue, ROI.

The SEM Services we offer include:
  • Keyword research
  • Campaign mapping
  • Ad creation
  • Bidding management
  • Localization
  • Optimization

Not just this, additional SEM services from the house of GAIN & PROFIT comprise:
  • We keep a check, prevent and report users who time and again click on your ad so as to create a fake bank of clicks which mug your marketing budget instead of generating genuine leads.
  • Your ads are being made visible on those websites, portals and social media platforms which are similar to the content being viewed. This ensures that the apt audience gets your message.
  • Quantification of the effectiveness of your users’ experience is done by analysing the key interactions which are encountered by them with your site.
  • GAIN & PROFIT helps you create such online destinations which develop instant connection with your potential customers, thereby generating their interest leading to conversions.
  • We analyze the effectiveness of your existing search campaigns and look for ways to reduce costs and enhance efficacy.

Having done that, we deliver Search Analytics Consulting, wherein we interpret the search analytics and provide you with recommendations you can benefit from.

Given the fact that, once a customer has reached your website through SEM, it is their experience which begins – the content they see, the interaction they have – all have an impact on your brand’s image and conversion rate.

Thus, for effective SEM models get in touch with the experts at GAIN & PROFIT.